About The Sale

This is the final sale of Betty David's coats, jackets and accessories. Betty David passed of gastric cancer August 31, 2008 and this is what is left from her collection and some of the artwork she collected. All items are perfect condition unless otherwise noted. They have been carefully stored and cared for. 


All items for sale are listed. You can search for items by Labels on the right such as, Painted, Unpainted, Black, etc. Make sure you check "Older Posts" at the end of each page.


All coats have sizes and measurements. The chest size is the measurement around the widest area across the bustline. Please allow extra room around the chest for clothing to be worn underneath. The back length is the distance down to the hem from the neckline seam. Sleeves are measured from the neckline seam to the cuff edge. All measurements are in inches.

Sale Policies:

All items are for final sale. If items do not fit, they be returned within 2 weeks for a refund minus a 6% restocking fee. 

No more coats or jackets will be made. All coats and jackets will be shipped with our signature hanger - please do not use any other hangers on these coats. These hangars ensure the coats will ot stretch in the shoulders.


Shipping available within the United States for an additional fee depending on the size of each item. Please email me at lily@lilykesselman.com or call me at 212.204.6518 to place any orders.

Visa or MasterCard accepted.

Thank you,

Lily Kesselman

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tiger Jacket

A fully-painted fitted jacket with a stylish tiger detail and Mongolian lamb collar. Fitted waist and 2-button closure. Meow!

Item #200806
Size: Small
Chest: 38"
Length: 19.5"
Sleeves: 26"

Price: $2800

Appaloosa Jacket

Distressed grey shearling with apricot interior. A lovely horse paint across the front and a mane down the sleeves. One button closure at the waist. This is very small.

Item #23
Chest: 34"
Length: 20"

Price: $1690


This is a one-of-a-kind design that is embellished with a fully hand-painted design. The jacket is fitted with hand-made peplums, front button closure and collarless.

Item #81
Size: 10
Chest: 38"
Length: 25"
Sleeves: 31"

Price: $2900

My Pony

A fitted jacket in cocoa with black painted-pony details. Front zip closure and natural-finished hem and cuffs.

Item #22
Size 4
Chest: 36"
Length: 20"
Sleeves: 29" (neckline to cuff)

Price: $2028

Militia Jacket - Black Napa

A military-style jacket in black. Bone-button details, snowtop shearling and a hook & eye closure at the front.

Item #67
Size: 8
Chest: 40"
Length: 23"
Sleeves: 30" (from neckline to cuffs)

Price: $2080

Early Spring in Cotton

A cotton variation of a favorite style. This jacket is fitted and lined and hand-painted in black on a blue & white stripe.

Item #44
Size: Large
Chest: 40"
Length: 23"
Sleeves: 24"

Price: $1155

Athena Jacket

This lovely purple jacket has a tie-closure. This is made from super-soft supermerino. Fabulous!

Item #89

Chest: 36"
Sleeves: 25"
Length: 23"

Price: $1499

Victoria - Supermerino - SOLD

This is a sculpted jacket made from luxurious supermerino. The seams are decorated with antique French ribbon and the fur is a snowtop black. The hem and cuffs have a natural edge. A flattering jacket that keeps you cozy and the details are unique.

Item #57
Chest: 38"
Length: 21"
Sleeves: 28"

Price: $1500

Cheyenne Jacket in Buckskin

This is a one-of-a-kind jacket in the Cheyenne style in buckskin. It is generously decorated with hand-cut fringe, beads, sliver and colorful trim. Many of the seams are hand-sewn. This is lined and made from a super-soft leather.

Please Note: There is minor distressing below the closure button and back as illustrated in the bottom images. Minor imperfections and sold as-is.

Item #27
Chest: 40"
Length: 26"
Sleeves: 27" (from neckline to cuff)
Price: $2700

Coral, Turquoise and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

This is 3-strand 22"necklace mad from pink coral, turquoise and freshwater pearls.  It as a lovely turquoise and sliver closure.  Very ornate and totally unique!

Item #101
Price: $1750

Coral and Turquoise Necklace

This is a luxurious piece - a necklace made from extra-long graduated coral pieces and turquoise. This is a single strand with a silver closure.

Item # 99
Price: $1350

Tiger Jacket

This little number is fully-painted by hand on a salmon-colored shearling and a full collar of Mongolian lamb and a 2-button closure Snazzy! It is small so check those measurements!
Item #38
Size 4/6
Chest: 40"
Length: 20"
Sleeves: 30" (from neckline to cuff)
Price: $2800

Cape - Red

This is one of only two capes we have.  It is a lovely red with black paint and a zip-front closure.

Item #200808
Size: Small/Medium (size 4 - 8)
Price: $5200


This is an unusual jacket - it fits like a suit jacket and hand-painted. 100% cotton including lining with a zip-front closure.

Item #200811
Size: 6
Chest: 36"
Length: 22"
Sleeves: 26"
Price: $1155

Totem in Cocoa

This is a lovely cocoa Totem coat with a 5-button closure and pockets. The interior fur is white - really beautiful.

Item #200811
Size: 6
Chest: 36"
Length: 39"
Sleeves: 30" (neckline to cuff)
Price: $2350


This is a relaxed-fit coat in taupe with black napa sleeves. Images are painted on the front and back and this coat has pockets and a 2-way zip-front closure. The area of the chest is slightly darkened - thus the sale price.

Item #200813
Chest: 42"
Length: 42"
Sleeves: 30" (neckline to cuff)
Price: $2650
Sale Price: $2150

Double Orca

Oh, this coat is amazing! The exterior of the shearling is a lovely distressed napa in mushroom with a white interior - and the detail is all appliqued by hand. Lovely. Warm, stylish, and modern.

Item #200812
Size: 6
Chest: 36"
Length: 38"
Sleeves: 30" (from neckline to cuff)
Price: $2675

Appaloosa Jacket

This lovely Appaloosa jacket has a horse's head detail on the front that is hand-painted and beaded. The main detail goes down the sleeves - gorgeous! Now, this little number is small - make sure you check those measurements! But so worth it!

Item #1
Chest: 36"
Length: 20"
Sleeves: 29" (neckline to cuff)

Price: $2800